I read the Sourdough by Robin Sloan a couple of months ago and was intrigued and inspired to try to make a starter.  With the holidays coming up though I thought I would wait until New Year to get it going.img_5082

I started out purchasing these two crocks as I wanted to make an Amish Friendship Bread starter as well.img_5127

This was my sourdough starter a few days in.

The first thing I tried when the starter was ready was bread.  It was super easy to make – you just mix the starter with a few things and leave it on the counter.  The bread tastes fantastic!!

The next thing I wanted to try were waffles.  This requires an “overnight sponge” which is also easy and save a huge amount of time in the morning because there is nothing to mix up.  It’s ready when you are and you can just spoon the batter into the waffle maker.  Another success!!

The last thing I have made so far with the starter is homemade pizza crust.  Every Friday (this is from last Friday) we have pizza and watch a movie as a family.  Everyone had so much fun gathered around the table making their crusts and then loading them with the things they wanted, that there has been a request to have homemade pizza every Friday instead of store bought.

The only thing I have had to really stay on top of is planning.  If I want to have bread at dinner, I need to start dough rising early afternoon.  If we want to have waffles, I need to prepare the overnight sponge the night before.  Really though, it’s so much fun!!  I have yet to hear my starter sing like in the book, but when the kitchen is quiet I can hear the bubbles popping.  Such a success!

Plastic Crochet Tote

I’m at it again!!  I had more plastic bags from bread, TP, and other things that I have been saving.  img_5186

Here it is!  This one is different from the others that I have done as this one has a rectangular base.  I like this much more as it is easier to pack.img_5188

It looks on the smaller side, but it actually holds quite a bit.img_5187

I liked it so much I started a new one!!

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Scrap Happy Day!

I love using up scraps and Kate of Tall Tales from Chiconia hosts a monthly Scrap Happy Day so that we can share a project we are working on that is made from scraps.  I’m sharing my ticker tape quilt (Crazy Mom Quilts).  This is where I was last time,

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Christmas Stockings

I meant to share these yesterday as part of the SAL but I completely forgot.  I stitched these a few years ago.  Each one took me a little over a year (mostly because I got distracted and worked on other projects – kind of like the current one I’m working on!)img_4899

This one was made for my oldest child.img_4898

This one is for the second one.  I simply love these stockings!!  I have purchased the kits for all the rest of our kids as well as for my husband and I.  Good thing I like stitching them!

Sal Update – January

I always love the New Year.  It’s always so full of hope and excitement.  New Year’s resolutions have never really been my thing as I tend to make little adjustments and goals throughout the year for things that I feel are important to me and our family.  That being said, I have decided to try to provide more home (completely from scratch) meals this year.  I know that requires more planning and forethought, but I think I am up to the task!

Now, on to the real meat of this post!!  I have been stitching!  This is where I was last timeimg_4816

and this is where I am now…img_5156

Here is the closeup of Santa’s face…img_5157

I am completely thrilled to have the face done except for the back stitching!!

This SAL has really  been a great thing for me.  The stitchers involved are soooo supportive and creative.  I like that I was able to choose my own project to finish and I am thankful for the three week checkin as it keeps this project at the forefront of my mind!  If you have a chance, please take a look at their work – it is totally awe inspiring!

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Also linking to Kate’s Life in Pieces — I was able to stitch at least 15 minutes a day each of the last 7 days!!  WOOHOO!

SAL Update


Due to copious amounts of Christmas gift finishes there has not been any work done on the stocking, but I am sure that the others participating in this SAL were able to get some work done on theirs – this is an amazing group of stitchers!

Please take a look at what they are doing:


Scrap Happy!!

Today is the 15th of the month and I get to check in with some projects that I have/am using scraps for.  Kate at Tall Tales from Chiconia is hosting this and it’s so much fun!  I have lots and lots of scraps from my projects as well as from my student’s projects.  This month I didn’t get a whole lot of scrappy sewing done so I thought I’d share the different projects and how I store them.  First up are the boxes:img_4885

I love these boxes.  I bought them at Costco.  Each of my students has one for themselves to store their fabric and Wips from week to week.  I use them for some of my projects as well.  These are the scrap projects that I am working on.  Strings:img_4887

I’ve never made one of these before so this a first for me.  I cut the squares 1/2″ larger all the way around than I want the finished square to be and then sew the strips to it.  This is super easy and fun.  I keep all the strips and squares in the box so that I can work on it whenever I wish.  The box that says “1 and a half in strips”:img_4888

You’ve see that one before.  I just sew the strips to each other to make one long strip that is 1 and a half inch wide and then sew it to the body.  Again, I cut scraps as I go and place them in the box.  “yo-yos:img_4889

Same idea, I cut the fabric as I get it and then put it in the box.  I find I am more likely to pick it up and stitch if it’s ready for me.  Makes life so much easier.  “1 X 3 inch pieces”:

You’ve also seen this one as well.  I cut the pieces and put them in the box.  Then I pin them to this piece of fabric and sew when I can.  I actually don’t like sewing this one.  All that turning and fiddling — I just don’t find it that much fun — I’ll complete it, but it will take longer than the others.  And then this:img_4892

I don’t know if this counts.  These are my kids’ old t-shirts that I have made into yarn and am intending to weave into rugs for my kitchen and in front of the doors.  As you can imagine, with 5 kids, I have boxes of old t-shirts!!!img_4893

This is half of my warp.  I have all of the warp measured out and now just have to find time to warp my loom.  2019 here we come!!