I joined the c2c Craze!

I keep seeing lovely blankets everywhere using the “c2c” (corner to corner) pattern.  I kept thinking, “Those look fabulous!  I would love to make one.”, but I resisted because…you know…I have many other WIPs that need to be finished.  Really, I should finish one of those before I start right?  Time went on and I kept seeing them everywhere: Ravelry, Facebook groups, friends, etc!  It was more than I could take!

Corner to Corner Blanket

Corner to Corner Blanket

I had to start one!!  I am using this pattern and I viewed the videos on You Tube that are listed at the bottom of the pattern.  I found the second video to be much more helpful than the first one.  Both were good, but the first one moved too fast for me :o)  This pattern is very addicting and I am having trouble putting it down!  It has grown since this picture (I started it yesterday!) and I can’t seem to stop…

5 thoughts on “I joined the c2c Craze!

  1. That looks wonderfully colorful!! I’ve never seen this technique for crochet blankets but have knit a washcloth starting from the corner, guess it’s the same idea but bigger!!

  2. I think I may join with you. I just bookmarked that pattern. it would be a great stash buster. Thank you!

  3. Good luck…I have several blankets/afghans on the hooks..and not going to start any others till one of those is done…but you have a very pretty start to yours.

  4. Your work looks already pretty, good luck with working on it!

  5. That blanket is going to be so pretty. Love the colors.

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