Hexi Puffin Away

Ever since I started on this hexi puff adventure, I have had moments where I am knitting hexis like mad and then moments where I just can’t stand the thought of making any more. Right now I am on a “knitting hexis like mad” moments.

Blanket Progress.

Blanket Progress.

I haven’t sewn any together for quite awhile, but this is where I was the last time.

Pile of hexi puffs.

Pile of hexi puffs.

Here is the pile of hexi puffs just waiting to be sewn into the blanket.



Some of them even have embroidery done on them :o)  I am again having fun with my hexipuffs!

2 thoughts on “Hexi Puffin Away

  1. Wow – you have a lot of patience! They look amazing all together 🙂 xx

  2. Looking good! How many more do you think you have to make?

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