10 Stitch Pillow Top

There are so many of these 10-Stitch projects going on right now in blog-land that I decided it was time to try my hand at it too!

10-stitch pillow top.

10-stitch pillow top.

This is the 10-stitch blanket pattern by Frankie Brown.  I know that I don’t have the staying power to complete another blanket right now, so after a couple of more rounds this will be turned into a pillow.  You can never have too many pillow, right?

Dyeing with food coloring.

Dyeing with food coloring.

I am also trying out a new-to-me yarn dyeing method.  I made three different dye baths with food color – hopefully it turns out nicely and I can do it with my students next week during weaving camp.

Lemon cucumbers and blackberries.

Lemon cucumbers and blackberries.

New bounty from my garden!!  The blackberries are already history, but we still have a couple of the lemon cucumbers left.  Fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden taste so yummy!!

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