Loop De Loom

I have a confession to make – I get distracted VERY easily!!  I went to Michaels the other day with one of my daughters and saw this there:IMG_3174IMG_3175

Doesn’t that look like so much fun?!!  I had to have it!  Of course once I brought it home, I had to try it out right away.IMG_3176

It comes in this nice neat package and needs to be assembled.IMG_3178

I think this is soooo cute!!  It was super easy to assemble and didn’t take very long at all.IMG_3183

Then it was time to warp it up.  I think this took the longest – not the actual warping, but the cutting of the yarn.IMG_3184

The start of a project.  Maybe a coaster?  Or a cell phone cover?  I don’t know yet, but this is really easy to use and fun, fun, fun!

Halloween Fun

Our family is in full swing getting ready for Halloween.  The kids love to decorate and we made a trip to the costume store.  Even though I teach sewing and the kids all know how to sew, this year they decided to get store bought costumes.IMG_3220 IMG_3219 IMG_3221 IMG_3222 IMG_3223 IMG_3224 IMG_3225 IMG_3226 IMG_3227 IMG_3228 IMG_3230 IMG_3231

I think they are all set, but with my kids you never know until the last minute!!

More Baby Giraffe

I can’t seem to stop crocheting this afghan!  It is taking up all my “free” time.  The only hard part now is that it is not very portable.  With all the bobbins and the tracking with the graph, I can’t bring it to soccer games or concerts now.

Ends, ends, ends

Ends, ends, ends

Just look at all those ends – after I was finished working on this for the day, I took one look at those ends and realized that if I didn’t do something about them now, it would be a HUGE chore by the time I was done with the whole project.

The other side.

The other side.

I also had ends on the other side – UGH!

HAH!!  Take that!

HAH!! Take that!

I spend just a little bit of time and wove in all the ends right then and there!

All ends woven in.

All ends woven in.

Doesn’t that look so much neater?  Gotta go – chores are calling and so are kids :o)

Baby Giraffe Graphghan

I love working on this afghan!!  I am so glad that I decided to learn this form of crochet.IMG_3177

Progress after about 2 hours since the last time I posted.  I am finding this to be completely addictive!  I just want to keep moving from one color to the next and from one row to the next – it is very hard to put this project down!!!

Sashay Scarf by Borocco

Last night I worked on my daughter’s scarf for just a little bit.



I sewed the second set of squares onto the main scarf and finished another stripe section.  I am totally in love with this yarn – the colors are so yummy and it is very soft (I know, I know, I’ve said all that before!).  Hopefully, I can finish this before she comes home in November – she will be so thrilled!!!

Baby Giraffe Update

Yesterday, I worked on the Baby Giraffe Graphghan while I was waiting for various appointments and kid’s activities.  All in all I managed to get about 2 hours of crocheting done.

Progress 10/20/2014 - 2 hours

Progress 10/20/2014 – 2 hours

It was so exciting to finally make it to the first color change.  This is at the bottom of the graph – so it is the giraffe’s left foot.  I found it so hard to stop crocheting last night!!  I wanted to keep going to the next row for more colors – I can see where I am going to become VERY addicted to graphghans!!!

New project and vacation

Earlier this summer, we went on a family vacation with some friends to the gold country.  We stayed in Placerville, did some gold panning, toured an old gold mine and generally had a fabulous time.  Every time we go on a family vacation I try to visit the local yarn shop and this vacation was not different.  We visited Lofty Lou’s Yarn Shop.  I had been here previously and LOVED it.  Lots of yarn, lots of samples and very friendly and helpful staff.  This visit was just the same as always!  My oldest daughter found some yarn and a pattern for a scarf and I promised to make it for her.  My kids have knitted and crocheted items made from yarn from everywhere we have visited.

8/17/2014 - start of this scarf

8/17/2014 – start of this scarf

This is the start of the Sashay Scarf by Berroco using Lodge yarn.  I started this scarf and then set it down to work on some other things.

10/17/2014 - progress after about 30 minutes.

10/17/2014 – progress after about 30 minutes.

I picked it up again yesterday and worked on it for about 30 minutes.  I can’t remember why I ever put it down.  This is such a fun scarf to crochet!

10/18/2014-progress after about an hour and 20 minutes.

10/18/2014-progress after about an hour and 20 minutes.

I also worked on it today during one of my kid’s soccer games and while we were driving some of our other kids to other activities.  I really love the way it is working up and the colors are so very pretty!  Did I mention that this is super soft?!

Baby Giraffe Graphghan

I am so excited to be starting my very first graphghan.  I have been following a few bloggers and am a member of the facebook page, Graphghans Unlimited and love the art these talented ladies create!  This morning the owner of Graphghans Unlimited released a free graph for an afghan titled “Baby Giraffe”.  It is so cute that I have decided to make this one my first!

Baby Giraffe Pattern from Graphgans Unlimited

Baby Giraffe Pattern from Graphgans Unlimited

I will try to follow her pattern.

First day - approximately 45 minutes - 4 complete rows.

First day – approximately 45 minutes – 4 complete rows.

This is my first little bit.  It took 45 minutes to do 4 complete rows and they are all in black (my chosen color for the background).  Wish me luck!

Noon Art

I partner with a friend to put on noon art at our elementary school twice a month.  This week we did ghouls from “crafts by amanda“.  They kids had soooo much fun!!

My Sample.

My Sample.

This is the sample I made – straight from Amanda’s site :o)  And below are the wonderful ghouls that the kids came up with.  Take a quick look!  Aren’t they so creative!!IMG_3048IMG_3049

IMG_3056 IMG_3061 IMG_3062 IMG_3066 IMG_3065 IMG_3064 IMG_3063 IMG_3055 IMG_3054 IMG_3051

We reach between 150 and 200 kids each time.  Leading noon art is such a fun way to volunteer my time!