More Baby Giraffe

I can’t seem to stop crocheting this afghan!  It is taking up all my “free” time.  The only hard part now is that it is not very portable.  With all the bobbins and the tracking with the graph, I can’t bring it to soccer games or concerts now.

Ends, ends, ends

Ends, ends, ends

Just look at all those ends – after I was finished working on this for the day, I took one look at those ends and realized that if I didn’t do something about them now, it would be a HUGE chore by the time I was done with the whole project.

The other side.

The other side.

I also had ends on the other side – UGH!

HAH!!  Take that!

HAH!! Take that!

I spend just a little bit of time and wove in all the ends right then and there!

All ends woven in.

All ends woven in.

Doesn’t that look so much neater?  Gotta go – chores are calling and so are kids :o)

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