Perler Beads

When my kids were younger, perler beads were all the craze.  They did them for hours and hours and our poor iron was in constant use.  As the kids got older and had more homework and other activities, perler beads fell to the wayside.  Well, I was reading this post the other day and decided to bring them out.

Perler Beads on Pinterest.

Perler Beads on Pinterest.

I also did a quick search on Pinterest (courtesy of Lucy at attic24) and found no end to the ideas there.IMG_3439

I am almost ashamed to admit that I was the one interested in these little beads of color to begin with – no children were sitting with me when I started.IMG_3435

Once they saw what I was working on they all came over to join in and help out.  Then they moved on to their own creations.IMG_3443

E decided on a flower.IMG_3440

Another child joined us.  As you can see, we were eating breakfast while we were working on our perler bead creations.  Arts and crafts happen early, early in our home :o)

Some 3-D art was born.

Some 3-D art was born.

More 3-D art.

More 3-D art.

IMG_3441Note the little beads on the bottom of the house.  This is how they make the 3-D art – they leave out beads on a mat of ironed perler beads, and add “pegs” to the bottom of the piece that they want to stand up.  Pretty clever if I do say so myself!



Someone has a birthday coming up!

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