Cello Recitals

Two of my kids play the cello.  Recently we had their recital (thankfully they both have the same teacher!), one of them was super nervous and the other one was fine.  I love going to these recitals.  It is really fun to hear their music in a different setting and inspirational for them to hear others playing.

French Braid.

French Braid.

At the last minute, my daughter decided she wanted her hair braided.  We stood out front of where her recital would take place and braided her hair.  Not the best, but she was happy.

9yo son.

9yo son.

My shy 9 year old son went first as he is the youngest and newest student for this teacher.  He did a great job.  I think he is comfortable because he can hide behind the music stand and his cello!

13 year old.

13 year old.

My 13 year old daughter played later in the line up – she was extremely nervous but played fine anyway.  Some of the musicians we heard were fantastic!  All the kids work so hard and it truly shows at this time of the year.

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