Noon Art Plans

In November, I went to visit my daughter at the University of Illinois.  She took me to a fabulous museum that had a special exhibit on Guatemalan weavers and weaving.  The textiles that these people produce are simply astounding and amazing!!  I could have stayed there the whole day just looking around.

Cup weaving

Cup weaving

There was a station set up for kids to do fun weaving on a styrofoam cup – my daughter and I just had to take part in it as well!  This was such a fun and easy craft to make.  I think the kids at our local elementary school will love to make these and since I run the noon art program there I am planning to make this our next project.

Small balls of yarn.

Small balls of yarn.

There is quite a bit of prep for this activity and the first step is to roll small balls of yarn for the kids to work with.  We have about 25 minutes for the activity and approximately 150-175 students stop by to take part in noon art.  I have learned over the years that preparation is the key to success in meeting the needs of noon art!!  I will update as soon as we have this activity to show you what the students came up with!

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