Giraffe Graphghan

It has been awhile since I shared progress on this project.  I love working on it and love how the pattern emerges in the crochet.

Coming right along.

Coming right along.

Each time I set this out to work on it, I feel like there’s not that much left.  It just takes time and I seem to not only be in short supply of that commodity, I also seem to be distracted VERY easily!



This is where I was the last time I shared it with you.  Lots of progress, right?



But…it is very disheartening to see all those ends to weave in.  When I started this graphghan, I had the best of intentions to weave in the ends as I went along and I did pretty well for a bit, then I just let it slide.  Why, oh why, did I let it get this way??!  We’ll see how I feel the next time I take it out to work on it – will I have the will power to just weave in ends?  Or will I want to keep crocheting?

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