Moogly CAL – 1st Square

Well…I couldn’t help myself and jumped on the Moogly Cal stage coach!  I kept seeing all these beautiful squares out in blogland and NEEDED to give them a try.

Jacob's Ladder Spokes.

Jacob’s Ladder Spokes.

This square, Tamara Kismet Square, is the first square in the CAL.  I really found this to be challenging.  I had never done anything quite like it  In addition, at the beginning – up until these ladders you see above, the square would not lay flat.  It was really “wonky”.  I almost gave up and threw it in the trash, but I read all the comments on the Ravelry group and found out that this pattern should work as written.  So…I powered on and boy am I glad.

Braided spokes.

Braided spokes.

Here is what it looked like after the first set of border spokes had been braided.  I was amazed at how nicely the braid framed this piece and also how flat this square had become.  I wish I had taken before pictures to show you exactly how rumpled it was before.

Crocheting the DC after "braiding".

Crocheting the DC after “braiding”.

I needed my glasses to add the row of DC after the braided row.  For the life of me, I couldn’t see the chain stitches between the braids without them.  Ah…the joys of getting older!!



My finished Tamara Kismet Square!  These are supposed to end up being 12″ square – mine is 12 3/4″ square.  I’ll have to keep an eye to make sure they all come out this size.

One thought on “Moogly CAL – 1st Square

  1. It looks wonderful!!

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