Planting Fun

I had such a great day last week planting!  I love planting and the weather was super perfect!



I love this repurposed wine storage cabinet from the local liquor store.  They had three of these out back and when I asked if I could have them they said “sure!”.  So I brought them home and my kids and I painted them.  This is the first one that is planted.  I just LOVE how the flowers look in them.



Here is my strawberry bed.  The first year I planted this bed of strawberries, I had visions of making jam.  However, I wasn’t getting any strawberries – each time one would start to ripen, it would disappear before I could pick it.  I thought the squirrels were getting them.  Imagine my surprise when I came home after an early morning walk with the dog and discovered my youngest son out there in his robe and slippers picking and eating them right off the plant!!  He was so cute!!  This is the third year for this bed of strawberries and I now know that I will not be getting any of these to cook with.



Between the planter boxes, I set up poles for my peas…



and my beans!

"Salad bowl"

“Salad bowl”

I can’t wait until these are ready to start harvesting and bringing to our table for dinner.

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