Plums Galore!

To say out one, lone plum tree is very happy would be a huge understatement!!  It is becoming impossible to keep finding new ways to use them all up before they go bad!

Two huge bowls of plums just two days ago.  It seems that we are pulling this many in every other day!  I have been baking up a storm!!

Plum Buckle-uses 7 cups of chopped plums.

I found this recipe on Allrecipes:

Banana Plum Bread

This recipe also came from All recipes:
Both these recipes went over extremely well with the family.  The Buckle lasted just under 24 hours and the bread disappeared in an afternoon!  Yummy!!  Well…back to the yard to pick more plums!

2 thoughts on “Plums Galore!

  1. oh my they look delicious … could you direct me to recipes? I want a plum tree just like yours 🙂

  2. Hi Helen, I just updated the blog post to include the recipes. Both were found on and the links are now included in the body of the post. Yeah, our tree is a bit crazy!

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