New Yarn and Projects!!

We have been traveling and one of our stops was Driftwood Yarns.  The owner was super friendly (we wound up talking for more than an hour!) and super helpful.

This is her store.  Isn’t it the cutest!!

I bought some really yummy yarn there.

These are intended to become Quaker Yarn Stretchers.  I think I will start these soon!

I didn’t leave with just those!

These also wound up in the basket slated to become Swing Knits Autumn Fusion Shawl.  To be fair, my 18 year old daughter saw the sample and begged me to make it for her.  The blue is for her the bright colored one is for me.  I couldn’t make just one, right?!

This one is destined to become a  Blue Water Cowl.  The sample in the store was soooo soft and beautiful, I just had to make one.

These will be socks.  Elizabeth (the owner of Driftwood Yarns), has convinced me to try knitting two at a time.  We will see how that goes!!

Then there is this yarn.  A complete impulse buy!!

Dishcloth Mania!

I subscribe to a yahoo site call Monthly Dishcloths.  We knit two cloths per month and you never know what they will look like until you are done.  It is so much fun!  Lately, I have been knitting them but not weaving in the ends.  I took some time last weekend to do just that and now I have a few more dishcloths to put into rotation.IMG_8108

I love this little lacy cloth!!IMG_8109


Another lacy one – I think these are my favorites!IMG_8111

The slipped stitches on this cloth really add some nice texture.  I find knitting these so fun and relaxing, I am so very glad I found that group so many years ago!