Another Dishcloth

So…I have been doing quite a bit of cleanup and organizing of my craft studio and discovered a box of half finished projects.  I’m not sure why I set them aside, but that is what I have been working on.  First up is: 



A dishcloth that I really like.  I love being able to use variegated yarn!!

I did not make a note of the pattern or the designer, just some handwritten notes in a piece of paper -sorry!


Look what I found in the garden.  Isn’t that the cutest little yellow pepper you’ve ever seen?!  It tasted delicious!

This is what we picked last night to eat with our dinner.  Yummy!!

Apparently, the Peter Pan Squash vine is not quite done producing.  We made it fried, in tempura, baked it in bread and even tried it raw in a salad – I wouldn’t do that again :o)

On My Work Desk Today

I was looking at my Facebook feed a little while ago and I saw a beautiful blanket that someone was knittint. It was The Toshstology Blanket by ErikaKrueger and Leanne Spinazola. Jimmy Beans Wool is doing it as a KAL or CAL whichever is preferred and they have kits with the most scrunptious yarn I have worked with in awhile. Madelinetosh Hand Dyed Yarns. You get a different color every month shipped to you.  I was late joining the game, but they shipped me the yarn anyway and I am all set to receive the following yarns monthly.  Is there anything better than having lovely yarn show up in your mailbox every month?

January color is Aquarius.

February color is Pisces.

It was so exciting to start on the next color!!

Fabulous 4th of July!

We started our day with the…

Chili Chase 5K

It was so fun to run as a family, although I ran much slower than the rest of them.
I have been trying to slowly get back into shape and exercise more.  My goals for this 5K were pretty simple.

Primary Goal:  Run the entire race-goal achieved!!

Secondary Goal:  Don’t be dead last like 2 years ago:  goal achieved (although not by much)!

Mantra:  Slow and steady; at least I’m still vertical!

It was great fun topped off by watching fireworks in the evening.