A Pinterest pin that works!

I found a gardening pin on Pinterest a while back.  It caught my eye because the title said that if I did this I would increase my tomato output by 5X.  Of course I had to try it!

You take a 5 gallon bucket (I had one lying around) and you drill holes in the bottom and the sides near the bottom.  Then plant the bucket deep enough to cover the holes on the sides.  Since I am lazy, I made sure I only had to plant it 5″ deep.  Put compost about 1/4 of the way up in the bucket (I also added a little plain dirt on top to control smell and flies).  Then take 5 tomato plants and plant them around the outside of your bucket.  Fill the bucket with water and it filters through the compost to water the plants.  You only have to fill the bucket once a week.

I was very skeptical, but look how happy my plants are!!  It totally worked and all the plants already have tomatoes on them!  Super cool!

Love these plants!

Ellis Cable Ensemble Dishcloth

I am still working my way through that box of unfinished projects!

This pattern is from a yahoo group I was a member of.  I had finished half of it and put it aside.  Why?…I’m really not sure!  Anyway, it only took me one evening to finish it up.  It feels good to be slowly finishing up some WIPs!