A Finish!

I blogged about this tote bag back on October 5th.  Kelly Casanova had led a weave-a-long and I was working on it.  I finally finished my tote bag and couldn’t be happier!!


I used her youtube videos to make to whole bag (I figured out the handles myself).

If you would like to try one yourself, her videos are VERY straight forward and easy to follow.  The introduction for this bag can be found here.



I wove the fabric as one piece using a bag of embroidery threads, only using those that corresponded to the colors of the rainbow.


The lining – isn’t it fun?!

I had this fun rainbow colored fabric in my stash and decided it would be the perfect addition for the lining of this bag.  Now I have a new tote bag to carry around my knitting projects!

2 thoughts on “A Finish!

  1. […] one is paid.  Her videos are extremely well made and easy to follow.  I used one of them for the woven tote bag with great […]

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