Cable Oops!

I have been working on a cabled sweater for one of my daughters and while it is a challenging knit, I have been really enjoying it.  Until…


Cable turning the wrong way.

I took a look at my work and realized that one of the cables was not crossing the way it was supposed to.  ARGH!!  I tried to convince myself that it would be “OK” and no one would notice, but I couldn’t do it.


The sweater marked where I had to pull out.

I put a double pointed needle in the place where I had to rip down to.  Just FYI…it was 11 rows down and encompassed 20 stitches.  EEEEK!!  Did I mention I had never done this before?!


The “live” stitches before I began ripping.

I made sure that I knew exactly where I was on the cable chart before I began ripping these stitches out.


All 11 rows ripped back.

This was really the scariest part.  All that yarn, all those stitches!!  I had very diligently erased my marks on the chart as I ripped each row out.  I also counted the live stitches each row to make sure I still had 20.


The “live” stitches picked back up onto a double pointed needle.

I managed to get all the stitches on a needle without twisting them or letting them drop down any farther.  I am using a dpn in the same size as the rest of the knitting.


The mess of pulled out yarn.

At first it was difficult to determine which piece of yarn to use for which row, but I soon recognized how to figure that out.  Not too hard – just don’t think about it too much!


The half way mark.

The cable is fixed and I am at the half way mark (5 1/2 rows) to getting back to where I was before all the ripping started.


Cables back where they should be!

WHEW!!  It is done – it only took 2 hours of intense concentration and everything is as it should be.  I learned so much from this – I always learn more from my mistakes than from anything else.  Hopefully, I won’t have to repeat this again!!

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