Wonderful Hike

A friend of mine leads a hike for the Sierra Club every Monday.  For the longest time I have not been able to join her or the others that go on these hikes.  Today was different!

We went to Ranch San Antonio for a fantastic 8.5 mile hike.  This is the view from the top.

This is such a great view, I never get sick of it!  We had just passed the half way point here and were about to start heading down.

Before we left, we had to stop by the farm.  Look at that cute baby goat!!

This magnificent Great Blue Heron was in the meadow just before we left to the parking lot.  Such a treat to see one of these guys!!

Picking fruit

We have lots and lots of oranges and lemons!!

This is most of our oranges.  We will let them set a day or two and then they should be really sweet!  Yum!

We have soooo many lemons!  These are just the ripe ones.  There are easily twice as many more left on the tree to ripen.  Lots of baking in my future!