I am late this year getting everything planted, but as I was outside pulling weeds and readying the beds I found:

Artichokes are a family favorite – I could plant 10 of these and still not have enough to feed the family!

This plant is kind of a monster and comes back in full force every year.

I have several of these strawberry pots and LOVE them!

The first strawberries of the season – I didn’t get even 1/2 of one!  As soon as the youngest two heard me exclaim that we had strawberries, they ran outside and gobbled them up!

I plant seeds and the misshapen one was found in a small planter.

And two rogue carrots found while weeding.  I’ll cook them up tonight!

Chickens and Mash

I was reading up a little on chickens and saw something about making a mash for your chickens.  I decided to give it a try.

Oatmeal, dried cranberries, and garlic mixed with warm water.

I made this about two weeks ago and brought it out.

Shortwing, Bonecrusher, and Diva enjoying their mash.

They LOVE it!!! So I whip up a batch every morning and they meet me at the door with their cute little “coos”.

Coop Excitement!

My husband finished the new chicken coop and run!!!

The new run attached to the new coop.

They are ready for their morning treats!

Entrance to the new coop.

Diva, Shortwing and Bone Crusher enjoying their new digs!