Protein Rich Corn Bread

We have three chickens and I am always looking for different things to feed them for their health.  Sometimes I make a mash with oatmeal, cranberries, dried worms and garlic powder which they love.  Recently I saw a corn bread recipe on a blog (I should have written the address down!) for chickens and decided to try it out.


Protein Rich Corn Bread

I used the recipe on the bag of corn meal, but substituted plain yogurt for the milk and added 1/4C of flaxseed, 1/4C crushed cashews and 1/2C of dried blueberries.  This bread is very dense and was intended for my chickens.  I made it two nights ago and left it on the counter to cool.  Well…before I could give it to the chickens, three of my kids cut pieces and declared it delicious!  I did give one little piece to the chickens and they like it as well.  HAhaha!!  My oldest daughter wants me to make more because she likes it as a snack at work.  Haha again!

6 thoughts on “Protein Rich Corn Bread

  1. oh my gosh this looks amazing!

  2. This is a new twist, we always gave our chicks the left over corn bread!

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