This year my tomato plants are very prolific.  Everyday we get lots and lots of them.  Even with the wildlife (squirrels and rats) eating well, we are able to salvage quite a few.  These are the ones from yesterday.


These are just the ones the kids didn’t eat before I got to them!

There is really no way we can eat all the tomatoes that are coming off the vines.  I didn’t want to waste any so I started preparing them to freeze.  Later this winter I can make some really yummy spaghetti sauce with them.


After they have been boiled.

First I wash the tomatoes and pull out the stems.  Then I place them in boiling water for about 2 minutes (until the skins start to split).  After the skins split, they go into a bath of ice water.


Ready to freeze.

Once the tomatoes are cool enough to handle, the skins slip right off them.  I cut out the core and then quarter them and halve the quarters.  That is what you see in the above picture.


This will make just about enough for one meal. Most likely, I will use two of these bags to make sure I have enough.

One bowl of prepared tomatoes makes one bag ready for the freezer to cook up later.  Yum!

8 thoughts on “Tomatoes!!

  1. How timely of you for this post … I’m trying to freeze tomatoes for the first time in couple days … wish me luck. thank you for posting “how to”

  2. Yum! Looks delicious! I look forward to growing more tomatoes 🙂 And ofcourse eating them!

  3. Oh I love Hand grown tomatoes! You don’t realise how lacking in taste the store bought ones are until you taste fresh off the vine ones!

  4. We are moving into sauce mode here, too, but I just cut mine up and throw them in the pot on low, then them through the the sieve. We put the juice on the stove to simmer down to sauce, then freeze it until we have enough to for a canner load. There is nothing better then tomatoes cooking down in the fall! My MIL use to freeze hers like you do, but we are trying to make room for a pig in the freezer this fall so, jars it is!

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