Embroidery Guild

I joined our local embroidery guild a couple of months ago.  One of the things I need to do is complete the name tag so that everyone knows who I am.  It’s really nice – they give you all the supplies, all I have to do is stitch it.  I had great plans to make it right away!  HA!  That didn’t happen.  This is where I am now:


Embroidery Guild Nametag

I have to be done by the next meeting which is next Tuesday or my penalty is a $1 fine for each meeting I come to without my name tag.  I better get on it!!  Here is where I was a month ago:IMG_0965

Wish me luck on finishing in time!

4 thoughts on “Embroidery Guild

  1. Good Luck! It is going to be FANTASTIC!❤️

  2. Hope you finish with NO penalties! It looks like it will be a very nice nametag.😄

  3. Good luck with the finish! It’s coming along nicely, though I think the thought of a penalty would not get me to do my best stitching!

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