Beekeeper Quilt

A few years ago, in most of my knitting groups online, quite a few people were making the Beekeeper Quilt.  I held off for awhile, but I couldn’t help myself I had to join in.  I started making cute little “hexi puffs” as they were called.  Time went on and I started joining them together…


Beekeeper quilt.

I used sock yarn, ends from weaving dish towels, some fancier yarns and then, after many, many hexis…


Pile ‘o hexis.

I decided to start embellishing them…


Crochet flower.

I found some fun crochet patterns, crocheted them separately and then sewed them on.


Color work knitting.

I tried adding colorwork to the knitting of the hexi.  I liked this a lot and made a few like this.


Duplicate stitch.

I did some with duplicate stitch.


Cotton ends from the loom from a set of dish towels.

I used ends from the loom…


Sock yarn with eyelash yarn.

I made some wild ones.


Love this!

I made hexis in groups to create one big picture hexi.  This is one of my favorite ones!


In a row.

I tried knitting them all connected together.  This was kind of fun, no sewing the ends together, but it limits the choices in the end when putting it all together.  I made two of these while standing in line at Disneyland but won’t be making any more like this.  I like being able to place each hexi individually.  I have picked this project up again and will be working on more hexis.  I have some new ideas…!

2 thoughts on “Beekeeper Quilt

  1. My goodness that is a lot of tiny knitting!

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