Mint Tea

At the beginning of summer, I bought several mint plants.  A spearmint, a chocolate mint and a regular mint.  At first they didn’t seem to be thriving, but after I moved them out of the direct sunlight, they went crazy.  I have all kinds of mint growing.  I wanted to make a mint tea.  First I cut some stems from each of my mint plants and washed them.  Then I put them in a pot and just barely covered them with water.


Lots and lots of mint.

I boiled them for awhile and then let it all cool a bit.  Then I put it through a strainer and into a glass jar.


Mint syrup.

There is no sugar in this, so to make a glass of iced mint tea, I put ice in a glass, add about 2T of this syrup and about 1/2 tsp of sugar.  It’s so tasty and refreshing!

One thought on “Mint Tea

  1. We have mint growing wild here, so each fall we cut it down and dry it for tea. I do wish we had a real peppermint plant, ours is more of a spearmint kind of smell, but when you really want mint tea, it doesn’t seem to matter as much!

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