Update-Blue Jeans and Flannel Shirts Quilt

I have decided to try to work on this quilt every couple of days.  The prep work is quite labor intensive:IMG_1203

After cutting the jeans apart and separating the fronts of the legs from the backs, the circle needs to be traced – Here we are traced.  Then:IMG_1204

They are cut out.  Here are the backs with the sewing lines traced on them.IMG_1205

These are the fronts of the same pieces.  I really like the contrast between different parts of the same pair of pants as well as different pants.IMG_1206

Scraps…any ideas what I can do with these??IMG_1195

More scraps.  These are actually the hems and seams from the pants.  I know may things can be made from the selvages of fabric – I wonder if these can be used the same way, or if they are too thick.  In any case, I am enjoying (& getting a little bored) cutting these out, but I am itching to get sewing.  First though, I need to cut out the fabric and batting to go in the middles.  Hopefully I’ll get to that soon!

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