Another Beekeeper Quilt Update

OK…so the last time I wrote about this project, I was going to think about ways to make is easier to embellish them.  The hexi puff is knit like the toe of a sock, both the front and the back grow at the same time and are connected so that when done, the hexi just needs to be stuffed and sewn up at the top.  The small opening is one of the reasons embellishing is so time consuming and challenging.  I am trying a different approach…


Knit single sided and currently being blocked.

I decided to knit the front and the back separately.  This will make it so I have to sew them up (UGH!), but I believe that adding embroidery to them will be easier.  I found this book…


This is a beautiful book!

and was so inspired to try out some of these on my hexis…



I’d like to do a hexi for each one!  And…



And flowers!  There are pages and pages of these (and I have ideas of my own now as well).  There are also pages of birds – Oh, My!!!  This should keep me busy and out of trouble for quite awhile!

4 thoughts on “Another Beekeeper Quilt Update

  1. Looks like an amazing book

  2. Wow! But at least the plain can be done the quicker way! This is a pretty amazing project!

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