Recycling – Plastic Bags

Working on the Blue Jeans quilt where I am recycling our old jeans, has put me in the mood to do more recycling.  I hang on to “things” such as plastic bags.  I have many bags of bags (hoarding anyone?) with the intention of crocheting them into reusable shopping bags.  About a week ago I started prepping and cutting the strips and started a bag.


The kids love this bread.

I have gobs of these bread bags, also wheat bread bags, newspaper bags, the old plastic grocery bags etc.  So…I started cutting them into strips!


These are about 1″ strips.

I use the first knuckle on my thumb as the guide which is about an inch.


Connected together.

Once the strip are cut, they are connected together.


Lots connected.

Here are the strips from a couple of bags all attached together.


Rolled up!

Rolled up into a ball.  Now, though, I don’t bother rolling the strips into balls.  I just attach to the piece I am working on and leave them all next to me and crochet them like that.


A start.

Here is the start.  I am a bit farther along now.  It will be interesting to see how this bag turns out in the end and if it will be as useful as I am hoping.

2 thoughts on “Recycling – Plastic Bags

  1. Connie this looks so fun! And a great play on words too:) a bag from a bag❤️

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