More Recycling: T-Shirt Yarn

I seem to be in a recycling mood.  In addition to bags of bags, I also have bags of out grown and worn out t-shirts from the kids as well as myself and my husband.  I have a plan for these as well…t-shirt yarn…to weave into rag rugs for in front of the kitchen sink and in the bathrooms.


Poor Mickey!

This was one of my son’s favorite shirts and he wore it relentlessly until now it is too small for him.  I used this youtube video to learn how to turn the t-shirt into yarn easily.  The person in the video says to stay away from any shirt with stuff on the front and to also not use shirts with side seams.  I am not heeding that advice and am just using all of them.  I don’t think it really matters since these are being used for a rug.


One continuous length of t-shirt.

After cutting off the hem, I just used the rotary cutter to cut 1″ strips and followed the rest of the directions on the video to create a length of “yarn”.IMG_1198

The left over – I wonder what I can use this for?  Any ideas?IMG_1201

Now there are four balls of t-shirt yarn.  I better get the loom warped up soon!IMG_1202

The stack of top halves has grown as well.  Hmm…I need to figure out what to do with them.

3 thoughts on “More Recycling: T-Shirt Yarn

  1. What a great thing to do with those old Tees! I think a rug is the perfect idea. I think you and your family will love it!

  2. Could you maybe fashion the leftovers into some type of fidget ball? Kind of like the metal fidget spinners Made in China, but something softer, that you could toss?

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