Tracy over at It’s a T-Sweets day hosts a Bake-A-Long that looks pretty fun.  This is the first time that I have taken part of it.

Tina from Kristabella’s Hodgepodge is where the latest recipe has come from:  Chili/Chocolate Bread.  This bread is simply delicious!!  AND…there is no way that you can muck up the recipe – ask me how I know this…I will tell you!

I have now made this bread three times trying to get it right.  Now, there is nothing wrong with the recipe – it is clearly written and easy to follow.  Everything is laid out there for you perfectly.  It came down to my lack of experience using my own bread maker.  Haha!!  I have made bread in the bread maker for about 26 years now (it was a gift from my new husband to me!), but have never done any add ins.  Hmm…how hard could it be??  Well… on the first try…


Insides of first try.

it didn’t rise and the chocolate was totally melted in the middle all in one lump.  It turns out that I had killed the yeast by using cold milk AND because I was in a hurry, I added the chocolate chips right at the beginning.  The bread looks a little strange, but it tasted delicious!  Especially toasted with butter, YUM, YUM!

Ok, on to the second try…IMG_1452

See how the chocolate chips are just stuck on the top and burned onto the bottom?  Well, apparently, if you add the chips in AFTER kneading is completely finished, they won’t be mixed in – go figure.  In my defense, I needed to walk the dog and while out walking the dog I ran into several people that I just HAD to talk with.  I got home and erroneously assumed that the machine still had the second kneading left to go.  Nope – wrong!  This bread also tasted delicious (once the burned part was cut off).

Now I was not going to be bested by a bread machine!  On to the third try…


3rd time is a charm.

It’s perfect!  The chocolate is all mixed in (although the top did sink a little – why is that?)!!  I made this while I was at home.  That’s right, I stayed home the entire time this was cooking and I heard the little beeps telling me to put the chocolate chips in and I did put them in at the correct time.  Fancy following directions and using the machine the right way!  This loaf is also delicious!  This recipe is so easy and obviously, you really can’t go wrong with it.

6 thoughts on “Bake-A-Long

  1. Yours looks delicious Connie, third time is definitely a charm!

  2. Connie, I love your persistence! The bread is a winner, no matter how those chips mix in!

  3. Way to go Connie!! You have given me a happy smile today😊😊. I really liked the bread as well. In fact, I feel like making another loaf right now! Yum❤️👍🏻

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