Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here and as usual I am awake before anyone else.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays since I’ve had kids.  They are so into dressing up, going to trick-or-treat, and just having fun.  Last night the 15yo and I (it was her idea – she found the recipes somewhere, forwarded them to me, and I bought the ingredients) made treats for tonight for the friends who will be coming before and after trick-or-treat.



We made these cuties first.



Then these.  The hardest part was getting the oreo cookie to snap at the half way mark.  Mine never did, but she was able to get most of hers to be half and half.


Oreo Creations

This one is where we ran into trouble.  The directions said to stick a lollipop stick into the creme center and then dip into the melted chocolate.  Well…the lollipop sticks separated the cookies (I thought we had thin ones) and even when we squished them back together, the fell off the stick into the chocolate.  We abandoned the stick idea and just did our own thing.  They are not lollipops but the are cute!


Witch’s Fingers

These were really easy and fun!


Cupcake Spiders.

These are supposed to be spiders.  I could not find black licorice strings anywhere – I waited too long (not to self-buy early next year!) – we tried red ones that we were cutting, but gave up and made legless spider cupcakes.  I’m sure they will taste good :o)


Zombie Brains

These were also fun to make.


Decorating the Zombie Brains

My daughter putting on the brains.


Closeup of the Zombie Brains

I got to add the “blood”.



I think we have a nice array of goodies for friends who stop by and hang out with us tonight.

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Such fun! You made me hungry 😉

  2. You guys had quite a fun time!

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