Beekeeper Quilt Update

I really like knitting these hexi puffs!  I’m not so into just the regular ones anymore.  I kind of really like making “special” ones…



This one is pretty cool (although it only has 4 legs) and the construction was cool as well.  I can see making a few more of these in different colors.


More crochet and duplicate stitch.

These are more hexis with crochet embellishment and duplicate stitch embellishment.  The duplicate stitch is a little fiddly as getting my fingers inside that little thing is sometimes a challenge.  I’m going to think about ways to make that easier.

Bird Bath Fail

I am so discouraged!!  I had worked so hard on this bird bath!!  Just take a look at what has happened…


Marine Varnish Fail.

I was so sure this was the way to go.  It took forever to apply all those tiles and then there are three coats of Marine Varnish over the top to make it water proof.  I waited 24 hours between each application of Marine Varnish…


Grout Fail.

As the Marine Varnish peels off, it is taking all the grout with it.  I have no idea what to do now.  AND as you can see in the first photo, the painting on the little pot is also failing!  UGH!!  I am going to bring it in (I left it outside last night)  and put it into timeout until I can work myself up to cleaning it up again and finding another solution to make it waterproof.  *SNIFF* *SNIFF*