New Yarn!

A couple of weekends ago I went to Santa Barbara to visit my daughter who goes to UCSB.  We had such a great time, just her and I, visiting museum, hiking, going to the beach AND going to the local yarn store.  Cardigans is a small, super cute yarn store that has so much fun stuff going on.  I could have spent all day there!


New Yarn!

Instead, I bought this yarn,


New Pattern!

that goes with this pattern.  Amazingly enough, I plan to make this for myself!!  Hopefully before I am 90 years old :o)

EDITED:  A blog friend of mine, Kathy who blogs at Sewing Etc. has started Thankful November – she is posting everyday about things she is thankful for.  I started doing this in my calendar/journal quite awhile back -each morning I start my day with something I am thankful for and write it down.  This seems to start my day off in a very positive way.  Today, Kathy is thankful for the land around her.

I am also thankful for the land around me.  I am thankful for my neighborhood and my community.  Today I will get together with friends and knitters at the local library.  We knit (or do some craft) and chat about whatever comes to mind.  I am truly thankful for these friends and the little bit of time that we have carved out of our busy lives to come together each week.

One thought on “New Yarn!

  1. Love the yarn, pattern, and your thankful post! We have a group that knits at the library, and I should check them out!

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