Halloween Night

We had a fantastic time on Halloween this year and I wanted to do a little update!!  The 12 yo and 2 of  his buddies built a haunted maze on our front lawn and we had about 300 kids come through.


The 12yo and his buddies.


The 15yo and her buddies.

The 17yo and the 22yo did not dress up, but had friends over.


The snack table.

We also had pizza available on the kitchen counter.  There we lots of teenage bodies to feed!


Entrance to the maze.

The maze was surprisingly creepy.


Looking out the entrance.


Skeletons and Bones strewn about the place.


Walls painted.


Some creepy decorations.


Jasmine the Skeleton.



This chair is at the end of the maze and the boys took turns slumped over in the chair and then jumping up to scare unsuspecting visitors.


The ambush…

They also took turns standing on this stepladder and yelling when maze goers got to a certain point.

I was really proud of the boys.  One of them would stand watch on the sidewalk and alert the others when trick-or-treaters were coming so they could get into position.  They were also very aware that little ones would be too scared so if the kids were super little (toddlers) the boys took off their masks and basically walked with the toddler and their adult through the maze.  If the kids, were a little bigger than toddler, but looked hesitant they pulled their masks up to show who they were, put them back on but did not jump out at these kids.  Older kids and adults got the full show including being chased while in the maze.  A good time was had by all!

One thought on “Halloween Night

  1. Your front yard will never be the same!😆 Congrats to the 12YO and buddies for making so many great choices with their endeavor!

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