Plastic Bag of Plastic Bags

Well…the first plastic bag is completed…


Kind of big and bulky.

It turned out a little wonky.


A little big.

I think it’s too big and I’m not sure I really like the round bit.


Close up.

It did go together pretty quickly.


What’s with those wiiide straps??

I don’t quite know what I was thinking when I was making the straps…



This is not a very good picture, but I did use it at the grocery store and put my apples in it.  It does work pretty well, but it’s way too big.  I think next time I will make a rectangle bag more like a regular grocery bag.

4 thoughts on “Plastic Bag of Plastic Bags

  1. Look at the happy smile on that adorable model! It may not be perfect, but it is a success!

  2. What a great idea! And whilst the straps are wide, maybe you did it for extra comfort when carrying? There’s nothing worse than carrying heavy groceries and needing to deal with painful fingers too!

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