Battenberg Lace

As I have posted before, one of the things I really like about the EGA that I belong to is that it is a teaching EGA.  We sign up for classes (there is one every month) and usually they take one or two meetings to complete.  For two months we have been working on battenberg lace.


Battenberg Lace.

In the first lesson we learned how to take our tape lace and make it follow the pattern on the paper.  They we started hand sewing the loops where they touched and our homework was to finish those and stitch all the intersections.  Then, if we were going to use the little plastic ring that was provided, we needed to cover that with thread in blanket stitch.  Being the student that I am, I finished my homework before the next meeting!


Blanket stitch covered ring with leaf vein woven bars.

At the next meeting, we started learning the filling stitches.  Our teacher told us that if we wanted to finish during the meeting we needed to choose one of the more simple filling stitches and do that one for each of the loops.  I didn’t really care about finishing quickly, I really wanted to learn the stitches so I worked on the woven bars to attach my ring.  It took me three times to understand the stitch and the fourth one turned out much better.


Double brussels.

The next section I decided to do in the double brussels stitch.  This one I found to be super hard and I don’t totally understand it yet.  I think I am going to finish this section and then do the next one in either single or triple brussels so that I can practice.  There are many stitches to choose from for the rest of the loops; however, I don’t want to continue with new stitches until I understand the old ones.

4 thoughts on “Battenberg Lace

  1. Connie I am so excited to watch this lace evolve! It is beautiful already:)❤️❤️

  2. This is truly a lost art! What a cool class to have access to, I will enjoy watching this take shape, keep us posted!

  3. What a great way to use laces you don´t know what to do with!

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