Apple Pie Crumble Blondies

Tracy at It’s a T-Sweets Day hosts a monthly “Fantastic Bake-A-Long”.   I was honored to share a recipe for this month.  All those participating in the Bake-A-Long make and share their favorite apple recipe before the end of the week.  Well…the applesauce cake that is share is my favorite apple recipe so to participate I had to choose something else.

Sooo…I went to my very favorite app, a very addictive app, an app that I MUST look at each and every day, an app where I email myself stuff EACH and EVERY day.  This app is the Tasty app – I only advise you to get this app is you would like to spend some time everyday looking at it.  If you have an addictive personality for cooking or baking recipes this might be (or not) for you.  I tried this recipe, Apple Pie Crumble Blondies, and found it to be so “tasty” (HA!  a little pun).


Apple Pie Blondies

The recipe says it makes 9 blondies, but we cut them so that we got 16 (4 rows of 4).


Wine, the perfect accompaniment!

The only change I made to the recipe is that I used pancake syrup instead of maple syrup.  I didn’t have any maple syrup on hand.  When I make these again, I will use maple syrup and see if there is any difference in taste.

If you want to join along please contact Tracy and she will set you up.  Please take a look at all the other talented people participating in this month’s Fantastic Bake-A-Long:,  Kathy@Sewing Etc.,  Brenna @ Crochet539,  Emma @Emma Crafts Design,  Kate @Life Tea and Everything,  Tami @Tanglewood Knots,  Tracy@It’s a T-Sweets Day!,  Lucia @Crochet, Knit, and More,  AJ @A Petite Slice of Life,  Marcia @Una Ragiaen Bicicleta,  Miss Rebecca @Twinklehook,  Abbey @Three Cats and a Girl

7 thoughts on “Apple Pie Crumble Blondies

  1. Yummy yummy Connie!! There is so much fun in this post that it all makes me smile:). I love the picture with the wine goblet. You are so very POSH:). I laughed at the tasty app warning. I am going to have to enter at my own risk! Lol :). And I loved how you made plenty of slices from one recipe. It’s a hit! No, it’s FANTASTIC:)❤️❤️

  2. I have a feeling after this weekend I will have to give up and buy a bag of apples so I can try all of these! There is nothing better than apples and brown sugar is there?

  3. Oh those look so good! What is this app you have? I bought the ingredients for the applesauce cake last night so I’ll be trying that out!

  4. Oh yummy! I will avoid this app since I love to bake, but I live alone and am trying to drop some weight. I don’t think that app would help, lol.

  5. They looks yummy!🍎 I don’t think I better check out this app because I could spend wayyy to much time on there….but now I so want to because you made it sound like a really good recipe source!😉

  6. […] first thing I made today was the applesauce cake from Connie’s Creations. I am part of the Fabtastic Bake Along hosted by Tracey. This is my second month participating […]

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