My chickens are molting and we have so many feathers in the coop and the run that it looks like they were attacked by something.  It’s crazy how many feathers are in there.  I started collecting the nicer ones not knowing what I would do with them.


Feathers from Diva, Bone Crusher and Short Wing.

These are just some of the many feathers I have collected.  All of a sudden I looked at the eggs that are in process to be beaded and had an idea…I will decoupage some of these feathers on the eggs!!


An egg from Diva.

I have lots and lots of eggs that have already been blown and are ready to work – I chose this egg.


One paint application.

First, paint is applied to the outside.  This picture shows the first coat, I have now done three coats and am happy with the coverage.  The next step will be to get the feathers on there.  I think I will work on that for a little bit today!

One thought on “Feathers

  1. It will be interesting to see them when they’re done! Great idea for using what you already have:)

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