Salt & Pepper Shakers

I LOVE my salt and pepper shakers.  Whenever we go somewhere, if I see a cute set, I just have to have them.  It’s almost as bad as yarn!  I like having a reason to set some of them out so our family Thanksgiving dinner was the perfect time!


Little robot from New York.

Half of his body is filled with salt and the other half with pepper.  The salt and pepper come out of the knobs on his head.


Blown glass from an art fair in Santa Barbara.

I actually have several sets of these in different sizes.  Each time we go to the art fair on the beach in Santa Barbara I find a set that I just have to have.


Giraffes from the San Diego Zoo.

These were just so cute I couldn’t pass them up!


Whales from Mystic Seaport.


Little turtles from Maui.

I have several more sets of shakers but these were the ones that made it out to the table this year.  They all make me smile when I look at them!

One thought on “Salt & Pepper Shakers

  1. How cute all of those are! I think the robot is my favorite, but that’s because I love scifi, I suppose. They are all darling, and I have been to all the places where you got them, except the art fair, though I’ve been to Santa Barbara. Those are really special ones. Thanks for showing them.

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