Color Factory

I did an irresponsible thing…I pulled the kids out of school early.  More than a month ago I bought tickets to the Color Factory Museum.  You buy tickets for a certain day and time and if you are 30 minutes late you lose your ticket.  When I finally got into the system, all weekend, evening and holiday tickets were gone – that left only times during school.  A responsible parent would have said, “Oh, well, I guess we’ll just try again when the next batch goes on sale”…Not this parent.  This parent checked the schedule for classes that would be easier to miss and scheduled a tour at that time.  Bad Mommy!


The Color Factory.

You can see how the three still in school are so disappointed to be missing class.


Burying dad in confetti.

There were so many fun interactive rooms like this one.  We actually had an all out confetti throwing fight in here – luckily we were the only ones in the room at that time!


The yellow room.

This huge ball pit was the last room and was so much fun!  It was really had to walk through it though.  The kids and us parental units had a blast.  This Bad Mommy is glad she did what she did!

7 thoughts on “Color Factory

  1. As a teacher, I would completely forgive you for this as long as it didn’t become a habit:) It looks like an awesome day!

    • Thanks, AJ! They didn’t miss the whole day, just the last period of the day and they had a fantastic time. I have never done this before and I won’t be doing it again, but it was super fun.

      • Oh that’s not bad at all. I have a student today who leaves for a month in Spain and I have one in the Ukraine for two months.

  2. That looks awesome! You’re probably the coolest mum on earth for letting them skip school 😉

  3. I’m going to have to look into this Color Factory. Never hear of it before. Looks like a blast! Totally worth taking the kids out of school for a couple of hours.

  4. Even a teacher knows some things supersede what’s going on in the classroom. =) You made the right choice.

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