Hand quilting a long.  Kathy is hosting a hand-quilt-a-long which I have happily jumped into!  All the information to join this HQAL is here.  I have chosen my grandmother’s flower garden that I started awhile back and has been sitting in it’s box because I didn’t care for the surface embroidery.


The first “flower”.

This is the start.  Each flower will have the same yellow center, then a darker second ring, and a lighter coordinating third ring.  Each flower will then have the white around it and will be attached to the green.  Where there are not green hexis, green hexis will be added.  All are hand pieced but then I got lazy.


Ugly machine surface embroidery.

Instead of doing what I really had in mind (small hand embroidered flowers and leaves), I used my machine to add the surface embroidery you see in the above photo.  I truly hate it.  I will be ripping all those stitches and then adding my own hand embroidered ones.  The quarter is to show the size of each hexi.IMG_1753

The next flower will be those fun purple colors that you see.  Hopefully I’ll have some good progress to show the next time.

Please take a look at the other people who are participating in this HQAL:

KathyBellaLoriMargaretKerryEmmaTracyDebDeborah,  Susan , Jessisca  and Sherry

13 thoughts on “HQAL

  1. I LOVE the Grandmas Flower Garden patter! I’m excited to watch your garden grow. It may even inspire me to plants a hexi garden of my own someday😊❤️

  2. This will be a wonderful quilt! Maybe instead of hand embroidering around each ring you could scatter it across the flowers? Just a thought.

    • I had thought of that and have some ideas for the flower centers, but my hand stitching is not all that great so there are some “gaps” that I wanted to cover up and I thought that by stitching the seam lines together, kind of, that it would hide the gaps.

  3. It will be wonderful, but it isn’t quick, so you have to just accept some slow days of progress. =) It’s worth doing, though! Everything doesn’t have to be at the fast pace we push ourselves to these days. The nice thing is that if you get tired of these before you have enough for something, they are big enough that you can always make pillows!

  4. I am a huge fan of hexies as well! I have at least 6 quilts completed and have three more that I pull out now and then. They are, when small, such great take a long projects. Good job!

  5. OMG–that’s a huge undertaking! Especially with the hand embroidery but, hey, it’ll be a labor of love and gorgeous!

  6. Sewing at 🐌 speed is better than not finishing it.🙂 I agree with everyone..it’s going to be beautiful!

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