Family Lunch

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we were all together as a family, all seven of us.  We really had such a great time!  We started out in Santa Barbara to pick up the UCSB daughter and we hung out there hiking, going to the beach and eating.  We had lunch at a nice place that had seating outside.  The weather was perfect!


Waiting for lunch.

This is taken after our hike and before lunch.  Based on how hungry they claimed to be, I am surprised at those smiling faces!


The card shark.

We passed the time waiting for our food to be delivered by playing Uno.  This guy just laid down a draw four card on me, hence the smug look on his face.  And yes, he did go on to win!


Drawing away.

The artist – her favorite thing to do is draw – this was while we were waiting for the check to come.IMG_1773

I really love her drawings, but I’m not biased or anything!

4 thoughts on “Family Lunch

  1. What an awesome day you had!

  2. What a wonderful dayful of memories!

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