I love quail!  I love watching the mommies and daddies with their little babies running behind them.  I love the little top feather, they are just so cute.  Recently I went to an arts and crafts fair in Santa Barbara and picked up a handmade metal set.IMG_1637

Aren’t they cute!!  Looking at them everyday (or more than once a day!) as I come home from some errand makes me happy.

3 thoughts on “Quail

  1. Very cute quail Connie! I loved seeing the little quail families around my desert Home as ai was growing up ❤️

  2. They ARE cute. We used to have families of them in our brush piles every year (piled up to keep the creek flowing where it was supposed to go), and they were so funny to watch. The kind with the topknot are called Gambrel, did you know? Very Southwestern.

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