Matzo Ball Soup

All of us really enjoy Matzo Ball Soup.  I had never even heard of it until I met my husband, but after we were married I learned how to make it.IMG_1709

I’ve tried all kinds of recipes, but we like this mix the best (even my husband’s mother used to make it with this)IMG_1699

The matzo ball mix is combined with eggs and oil and then let to sit for a bit.IMG_1701

While it sits, I prepare the other ingredients.  I had made chicken a few days ago and used the leftovers for this soup.  I then brought the homemade chicken stock I had made to a boilIMG_1700

and dropped rounded tablespoons of the matzo ball mix into the boiling liquid.  After that I just tossed in the veges and the chicken and cooked for about 20 minutes.IMG_1703

A nice warm nutritious meal and we ate it with a salad and some bread.  Yum, Yum!

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