Tux and Honeybee

Our two cats are getting up there in age and don’t really play around like they used to.  They really prefer to…


Lazy Cats

Sleep on my daughter’s bed.



This one is so sweet.  We also refer to her as dogcat because she acts like a dog.  She follows me everywhere I go.  When I sit to work on the computer, or stitch, or sew, she either sits on my lap or on the chair right next to me.  She is always talking to me and when I get home, she greets me at the door.



This guy is also sweet but more stately and fluffy.  He just moves from bed to bed making sure to share himself with each person in the family every night.  During the day he stays on my daughter’s pillow.  Both cats are so sweet!

One thought on “Tux and Honeybee

  1. We now has a kitten in the house and he doesn´t sleep very much! Older cats are so much nicer in that way. 🙂 Lovely cats!

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