A Party!

Something I don’t regularly share on this blog is that I also teach sewing, weaving, knitting, crochet and jewelry making.  I host birthday parties and Girl Scout events and they are so much fun!  Yesterday I hosted a birthday party for 10 girls and their projects came out fantastic.


The birthday girl and her sister.


Our studio setup with everyone working hard and having fun!

This is the birthday girl and her older sister.  The birthday girl picked the project (a panda), but she wanted each invitee to be able to customize parts of their panda.  I cute extra pieces in colorful fabric and let them choose and create to their heart’s content!


With earbuds!

This picture doesn’t really do this panda justice.  Notice the little buttons added to the ears?  Those are earbuds and the strings are the wires going to a (to be made of cardboard at home) cellphone.  I thought that was super creative!img_2132-1

Blue eye patches!img_2128-1


The party goers take a break about half way through for a snack and to sing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday girl.  They also had another song, “Hoppy Birdie” complete with hand and body movements that was so very cute!!


Picking eye patch and nose colors.

Each bear was able to be personalized with embellishments of different colors.


A panda bear made by a student who has never sewn before!

The party was a huge success and every girl completed her bear!

SAL Update

Just a little bit done in the last two months.  But better a little than none!  Crawling along with this one.


21 Jan 2018 update.

This is where I am today…


11/19 update – closeup

This is where I was at the November update.  I am so grateful for this SAL that I am part of because I can see if I wasn’t held accountable, I would just let this go back in the pile.  Things have been a little busy and I forget that I LOVE stitching so much!

Please take a look at the other wonderful stitching artists taking part in this SAL:


Honeybee desperately wants to be outside…



I found this photo on my camera.  I’m not sure when I took it, but it really represents how Honeybee feels.  He desperately would like to be outside.  He used to be an inside/outside cat, but he is now totally blind in one eye and partially blind in the other.  Since our street is a raceway right now for the newly minted drivers living down the street at the bend, I feel it is not safe for him to be outside – he is a wanderer and sometimes used to wander far.  Soooo…he is not allowed outside anymore.  He spends much of his time looking out this door and the patio door and meowing piteously.  I feel so badly for him, but don’t want him to get run over by any of the cars on the street so inside he stays.  Hopefully he will get used to his new boundaries soon.

Chicken Hand Pies

We make these every so often.  The 12 yo boy loves them and today he wanted to help make them.IMG_1715

This time we used pre-made crescent roll dough.  We put the shredded chicken and frozen veges on one crescent and covered it up with another one.  We had so much fun making them together. (Ha!  You can see another batch of chicken stock cooking up in the backround!)IMG_1717

Everyone loved them and we had made enough for leftovers for myself and my husband the next day for lunch.  Win!