Chicken Hand Pies

We make these every so often.  The 12 yo boy loves them and today he wanted to help make them.IMG_1715

This time we used pre-made crescent roll dough.  We put the shredded chicken and frozen veges on one crescent and covered it up with another one.  We had so much fun making them together. (Ha!  You can see another batch of chicken stock cooking up in the backround!)IMG_1717

Everyone loved them and we had made enough for leftovers for myself and my husband the next day for lunch.  Win!

3 thoughts on “Chicken Hand Pies

  1. We had turkey pot pies last night! It was leftover from Thanksgiving and I froze the meat. What is it about poultry in a crust?😄

  2. That sounds like an awesome quick dinner!

  3. He’ll know how to make one nutritious thing when he goes to college!

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