Honeybee desperately wants to be outside…



I found this photo on my camera.  I’m not sure when I took it, but it really represents how Honeybee feels.  He desperately would like to be outside.  He used to be an inside/outside cat, but he is now totally blind in one eye and partially blind in the other.  Since our street is a raceway right now for the newly minted drivers living down the street at the bend, I feel it is not safe for him to be outside – he is a wanderer and sometimes used to wander far.  Soooo…he is not allowed outside anymore.  He spends much of his time looking out this door and the patio door and meowing piteously.  I feel so badly for him, but don’t want him to get run over by any of the cars on the street so inside he stays.  Hopefully he will get used to his new boundaries soon.

4 thoughts on “Honeybee

  1. Completely agree with you regarding Honeybee … inside safe with you

  2. My cats would react the same way–they love going out, even if they don’t go far. But your Honeybee is FAR better off inside!

  3. I agree that he’s much better off inside. It just isn’t safe out there for any of our cats and especially if they have health issues. Hopefully he’ll get used to the idea soon.

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