SAL Update

Just a little bit done in the last two months.  But better a little than none!  Crawling along with this one.


21 Jan 2018 update.

This is where I am today…


11/19 update – closeup

This is where I was at the November update.  I am so grateful for this SAL that I am part of because I can see if I wasn’t held accountable, I would just let this go back in the pile.  Things have been a little busy and I forget that I LOVE stitching so much!

Please take a look at the other wonderful stitching artists taking part in this SAL:

25 thoughts on “SAL Update

  1. All stitches count. Nothing wrong with slow. It’s not a race. I like to think of it as a journey.

  2. I’m in a similar position and last time my progress was so measly I had to get a bit more done this time. Nothing like a bit of peer pressure!

  3. Take it easy. Stitch whenever you fancy as long as you don’t stop altogether. Just enjoy!

  4. It’s lovely, and I don’t think that it matters if one month you just do a bit and some months you do more. As long as you’re enjoying it, that’s the important part 🙂

  5. We’re all behind you! And all in the same boat! xx

  6. much too pretty to give up on this one . . . we’ll be here to cheer you along and make sure this stocking is finished in good time for Christmas ^^

  7. I agree! I say to myself, I must stitch for my SAL group! and for me too 🙂
    Good looking progress on your stitching!

  8. Hurrah for any progress! I am trying to rotate my stuff so that I do something every evening, though I tend to keep picking up the same things. Remembering you love to stitch and getting a few very day will sustain through the busy times.😄

    • Thanks, Kathy! I’m a very early riser, so since the holidays, I’ve been trying to rotate three different projects each week before anyone else is up. It does seem to work really well.

      • It is amazing what can get done between 5 and 7 am if you like the morning! I am trying to get a system going so that I can make more consistent progress on all my projects. Some don’t work downstairs and some really need daylight…I just need to sit down and make a plan…maybe after the recital music is selected!

  9. Slowly does it, and just treasure the time you have to stitch. There’s no pressure.

  10. I agree! This SAL has made me finish a whole bunch of embroideries!!!!

  11. I agree so stitching is better then none. I too am glad I joined this group to keep me accountable.

  12. I need something like this to get me going on my carpet!

  13. All progress is progress. Sometimes it’s nice to have slow projects!

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