Samples for classes

I own and operate a studio that teaches kids to sew, weave, knit and crochet.  I also teach two classes at the local arts center.  Lately, I have been having fun outside of teaching by making samples for my current classes and for summer camps.

I made a sample sundress for girls and a sunglasses case sample for both kids and adults.

For the preschool class, I made these little looms (they had so much fun with them!!) and people from used toilet paper tubes.

For my tween class at the art center (no sewing machines), I made samples of bean bags, woven monster bookmarks, key chains, and fun little stuffies that the kids could either make as bean bags or as cat toys.  Fun, Fun, Fun!!  All of this is leaving me little time to work on my own personal projects, but it’s all good.  I will hopefully be able to schedule my time a little bit better once summer comes so that I can start working on personal things!

2 thoughts on “Samples for classes

  1. The little sundress is so cute! I hope you’ll show some the children make. I’d love to see them.

  2. How fabulous to teach sewing, I love working with young people, they are so inspiring

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